Ben LaGuer Committee

The Ben LaGuer Committee, a group of citizens committed to supporting Mr. LaGuer as he works to receive a new and fair trial, is now accepting donations to help cover Ben's basic legal costs. These funds are used to cover some of the legal team's expenses as they continue to develop formal actions on Ben's behalf.

Please make checks out to:

Ben LaGuer Fund
c/o Jackie McKenna - John C. Archer Insurance
271 Cabot St.
Beverly, MA 01915

Please mention if you would like your contributions to remain anonymous.

Committee Members Include:

John Archer - president: John C. Archer Insurance, Beverly, MA

Leslie Epstein - Director: Creative Writing Program, Boston University, Boston, MA
Christopher Lydon - former WGBH public television and radio host, Boston, MA
Margaret Sand - Assistant Admininstrative Director: Whitehead Institute (retired), Cambridge, MA
Minister Don Mohammad - Boston, MA
John Hosty-Grinnell - Live, Love and Learn Blog, Salem, NH
Noam Chomsky - MIT Linguistics and Philosophy
Tom DeVeau - Webmaster - President of Web Solutions