Ben LaGuer was arrested, convicted and sentenced to life 30 years ago. We believe Ben is innocent. A woman with a history of psychosis and randomly accusing black men of rape identified him in court. He was the only colored man in the courtroom. Prosecutors could not tie LaGuer to the crime by means of any evidence, including fingerprints or any other physical material. A forensic technician inadvertently matched LaGuer's genotype to biological evidence extracted from fabrics illegally seized in a raid of his apartment. He was honorably discharged from the U.S. Army two weeks before his arrest. His medical and psychological narratives cite no history of trauma or deviance. Police and prosecutors began to defend this flawed crime investigation and racially biased jury verdict, almost from its inception. MIT linguist Noam Chomsky has called this case "a crime of state."

A $350,000 (three hundred fifty thousand dollar) reward is available for information that leads to the arrest and conviction for a third-party suspect whose identity is well known to police and law enforcement.

We ask that you contact Worcester County District Attorney, Joseph D. Early; 225 Main Street, Room G103; Worcester, MA, 01608 (508.755.9601). You should ask how best to surrender your testimony, physical evidence, or any other verifiable source of information. We encourage you to retain all original materials at this stage. Please keep a record of all communications with government entities. We ask that you e-mail BenLaGuer@gmail.com a description of your submission for recordkeeping. You must provide sufficient biographical data to verify your identity. All submissions must meet Massachusetts standards of rules of evidence.